Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Our attempt to qualify is at 8:20 am on Saturday, We are after fiji and Beta. Come out and support.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pics From the Week

Friday and Saturday

Friday was our last day at the track, in the morning the team got in a great final track work out. However everyone was feeling it after 8 days of working hard...including Chuck. In the afternoon we finalized the quals team and then practiced exchanges for way to long. Qualifications will be this Saturday, the time is TBD. Theta Chi's Quals Team is Myself, Shields, Billy and Itai. Following the track we headed over to Chucks for our final meal which was burgers, hot dogs and freshly braked cookies. Great meal and amazing cookies.

For Saturday the team did a long road ride which was needed. Everyone missed their road bikes after riding the little 5 bikes everyday. Chuck once again tried a break away however the Jakes hunted him down. After the ride Jim took the team out for some Mother Bears. Thanks Jim for the pizza it was great after such a long ride.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hot Laps, Theta, and chuck breaking away

Today was a recovery day for the Theta Chi Team, however this still involved 2 hours at the track and a shorter road ride. At the track we were trying to sort out who's gonna be on the quals team, so after a bunch hot laps everything is starting get ironed out. After the hot laps a couple of us decided to mess around with the packs forming... apparently sitting on some ones wheel is a bad thing... Anyway after that everyone went back to the house to chill refuel and get ready for the afternoon on the road. During the road ride Chuck decided to play a little frogger with the traffic and sprint off from the pack as soon as Tudi and Shields could cross 446 safety, they made chase. However the mile lead Chuck had gained proved to much for Jake and Jake.

....Anyway tonight's post is gonna be short, Ill write more tomorrow and upload a bunch of pictures I have.

"Spring Break 2010"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Track 2 & 3

Sorry for not posting yesterday...I guess I was just to busy riding. Anyway things at the track continued as planned longer distance work outs in the morning followed by speed work and exchanges in the afternoon. Everyone is getting stronger and stronger. And still no one has wrecked. Itai decided to fly in from Israel and join the team today. Great to have him back and he's in shape too which is a plus. Jim came down for the afternoon workout to check up on the team. It was great having him there plus he took us out to an amazing dinner, thanks Jim. Tomorrow is a recovery day for us, Shields and I have been on our legs for 6 days straight and we are planning some lower intensity exchange work and a little time on the road. Some of us were going to compete in the Cutters impromptu spring events...however they have been cancelled by outside forces (prob. IUSF). However Billy brought up that on Sunday there is the Brown County road race so we as a team might try and make it out there to compete, but this is still up in the air. On a side note the weather in Bloomington is sunny and 65+, which is nicer than the guys in Florida are getting.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Track Day 1

This is gonna be a little shorter post considering Im exhausted from the first day of two-a-days. Today the team made it to the track for a little endurance work and of course some speed stuff too. Everyone loved the track even with the girls were clogging up the inside lanes, but it was nothing the OX guys couldn't deal with. Even chuck made it out to the track and rode a bunch of laps...first time he had been on the track in three years. Great workout and def. a lot better than laying on a beach in Panama City or Siesta Key. After the first workout we all headed back to the house to refuel and rest before #2. During our second dose of the track we did A LOT ( like 100) exchanges, no one crashed so Im gonna say it was a success. Following a quick shower, we headed off to chucks once again for dinner. It was meatloaf, correction great meatloaf. Defiantly better than any pizza or golden arches anyone on spring break was eating. On the technology front we have pictures now, one of us at the track then one at dinner. Take note of Tudi in the dinner one, someone is a little hungry...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

3 Deers, a bunch of cows, and a couple Black Key Bulls

Today was a recovery day for us...took a nice easy ride out and around lake Monroe. Climbed the "Alps" as chuck called them...they weren't that scary. Before the ride started the OX guys ran into a couple of BKB's who decided to tag along, good group of guys and a girl( they had some sick bikes all specialized, one with SRM powermeter) . Chuck tried to take a picture of all of us at the dam but I guess he forgot to hit the button. Stay tuned for more pictures as soon as chuck gets his camera working. After the ride all the OX guys headed over to Chucks for some dinner, Chicken and Rice (of course Shield didn't have cheese in his). These meals keep getting better and better. Post dinner activities included... pool, listening to loud music, cleaning our bikes, cleaning the formal and foyer with the vacuum Liz graciously left out for us and well more eating. Since tomorrow is Monday the team is heading to the track to get our work in and finalize the quals team.

Spring Break 2010-- OX Bike

Thanks for the Vacuum House Director.

Spring Break Day 2...and a Goat

Today we got out on the road... a little chilly but not bad once you got moving. We rode about 42 miles out to Helmsburg (Check out the picture). There was also a goat chillen' in front of a house...I guess only in Indiana. Pretty speedy ride especially whenever tudi and "the secret weapon" were pullin. Once the ride was over everyone cleaned up and headed over to Chucks for some very tasty lasagna. All and all a good ride everyone is getting stronger and our legs just keep feeling better and better. Oh yeah...on a side note two-a-days start Monday when the track opens and quals are right around the corner. Furthermore I hope those big budget teams are having fun in flat boring Florida.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break 2010, Day 1

It's friday and most of the OX guys have peaced out, off to Florida or some other warm beach hotspot but the bike team remains in town. Today even with the rain most of us got out on the road for a easy 30 mile loop...with about a 1000ft of climbing. Nothing to tough but it was good to get the legs working just a little bit. This was followed by some pizza and a nap ... otherwise known as the best way to start a spring break. This week is gonna be great. Two-a-days start Monday....oh shit 14 days till quals and 44 days till L5 Get Pumped!

A Wet Week 2

Week 2

Another week at the track putting laps on our legs. Most of the guys made it, The hebrew hammer however decided to jet off to Isreal... but otherwise it was the full team. Monday... was the nicest day at the track so far all the big teams showed up with their heavy hitters but we hung with them. Thursday at the track was a different story due to rain there were maybe 15 riders there, Im amazed it was open. But Theta Chi was there and riding strong.

On a side note Theta Chi's spring break starts this Friday and we will be staying in Bloomington to take advantage of the great roads and the extra track time.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tracks Open! Week 1

Week 1

Well finally rookie week is over and the Track is open for VETS! There was some real awful weather that delayed the opening of the track but from now on it looks like smooth sailing. All of the guys got over to the track and started to get used to the cinders. Its a little wet but overall not to bad. This week was was very productive, all of the guys spent a ton of time at the track and of course there was great competition between everyone to see who the fastest is. Finally on Saturday Billy, myself, Chuck and Tudi rode the Nashville 50. Overall great ride nice and quick, after a week on the track it felt great to be back out on the road.

The Bike Team

Since this is the first post it seems like a great time to introduce the Little 500 team! This year we have 5 guys, 4 of which are returning from last year and one rookie. Also this year we have Chuck Taylor #711 returning to coach the team.

The Team:

Jake "Tudi" Tudorica: Tudi is a senior here at Indiana University majoring in Physical Therapy. Tudi is this years captain. He has been riding for Theta Chi for the last 3 years however he did not ride in the race last year. Jake currently rides a Specialized Allez.

Billy Howard: Billy is our second senior. This is his second year riding for Theta Chi. Billy is majoring in Biochemistry. He transfered here from Theta Chi at Ball State. Billy is currently riding a Specialized Allez.

Itai "The Hebrew Hammer" Hasak: The Hebrew Hammer is Theta Chi's 3rd and final senior. I believe this is also his third year riding for Theta Chi. He is currently majoring in Biology.

Jake "The Secret Weapon" Shields: Jake is a sophomore at Indiana University currently working on a degree in Statistics. Jake likes to think of himself as the fast guy on the team...but we will see come race day. This is Jakes second year on the team and he currently riding a 25lb Schwinn Fastback.

Kevin Newkirk: I'm currently a sophomore here at Theta Chi. This is my first year riding. Im majoring in Biology. I ride a Giant Defy and I cannot wait the 50 odd days till Race Day.

Chuck Taylor: Well I don't know where to start with Chuck... He's our coach. I think this video best describes ol' Chuck

Overall this is gonna be a great year for Theta Chi Cycling and the Little 500. We have an outstanding team made up of stand out guys, who are working hard to get better and ensure that the house finishes The Little 500 where it belongs, In First.