Monday, November 29, 2010

Ride Fast Turn Left

Well its been about 6 months since the last update so I figure all 8 of my followers are desperately in need of an update:

This year the Theta Chi Little 5 team has 2 returning members with the possibility of a third. The riders returning this year are well myself as team captain and Jake Shields...resident beast. Also rumor has been going around that Tudi might be taking a victory finish up some class work (or just to hang around Nicks and Kilroys for another year). It's great to have returning riders and even better to have solid ones like Jake and Jake. The bike team has two new rookies Ryan and Turner (both gingers). I liken Ryan to a cross between Andy Schleck and a tank. Simply put this guy is gonna be great come April. Not to leave out turner, but he is by far the hardest worker on the team and I cannot wait to see him out on the track, he is gonna tear it up.

So far this semester as a team we have rode the Hilly 100. It was a great team building experience and it was great to have everyone there on the first day and almost everyone there on the second!

In more recent news the team has decided to start holding early morning practice to make sure when these cold winter months hit we are all getting in the work we need to be ready by april. To facilitate these practices I hope to have a couple of new sets of rollers purchased by the end of this week but until then SRSC will be our new home for the next couple days!