Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Team Kits!

Our team kit designs have been approved and it looks like the team is getting a Jersey, some bibs and a rain jacket.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Since the last update there has been a lot of progress! 630am practice became a regular thing for the remainder of the semester, it was rough some morning but the whole team participated. These really helped the guys keep their fitness up and also it built a nice little sense of team which will be important come april. A special thanks to our treasurer who alloted some $$ so I could purchase the rollers allowing us to move from the SRSC to the Rec room to work out.

Now that everyone is on break and we are not going somewhere warm for a camp, All of the guys took home trainers and little 5 bikes to work out over break. Hopefully when we all get back to bloomington everyone will have maintained some form of shape...we will see. Otherwise there isn't much to report. Its just been a cold winter so far so that means many painful hours sitting inside on the trainer!

Also I created a tumblr for just some random blogging and to post cool cycling stuff on!! Newkirkbike.tumblr.com