Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little 5 Season!

So much has happened since the last time I updated! First off the whole team has been on a great work out schedule, 830am practices 4 mornings during the week and then road work on the weekends. Everyone is showing a lot of improvement from just December. The guys have been putting in some really hard work on the trainers, which has been tough on all of us...rollers get boring quick!

The whole team got to go out saturday for a solid ride up beam blossom, everyone looked good including Granholm who was riding a Fuji that weight about 40 pounds, apparently the ride quality is great on the 1970's steel frame... haha. The Theta riders we ran into were definitely loving his ride. Everyone is attacking and treating every hill like the Tourmalet. On Sunday Chuck and I got out to do a little Captain Coach 50 miler while everyone else did their own thing. Overall a great weekend of riding on the road. Chuck, our coach of course is still a beast I'm pretty sure he went out during the ice storm...But now we are in the Iceage and all I can see in the future is rollers and more rollers.

Now its February and that means the track is opening soon. Also that means rookie week is upon us! This year we have 5 rookies which is by far the most rookies theta chi has every had. They are all hungry to get over to the track and see what they are made of. I have a feeling that all of them are going to excel on the track and being really competitive.

Ill Update more soon but I have an Important physics test tomorrow!

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