Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome Back

The Little 500 season (spring semester) is right around the corner so I figured there would be no better time to update the long dormant Theta Chi Cycling blog. My goal with this blog is to recount all of the weekly happenings of the team and relay what we are doing to Alumni, brothers and really anyone else who is interest.

This year we are returning all four riders from the race and have two new rookies. Ryan Granholm, Turner Duncan, Jake Shields and myself made up the race team while John Becker and Will Burke are the two rookies. These 6 men make up the current Theta Chi Racing team and are all competing to make the final four on race day.

Throughout the fall semester we have been training more than we ever had but in a fun casual way that makes it not seem like work. We have met and exceeded my expectations for the fall. They not only completed the Hilly 100 and the Nashville 90 but showed outstanding form and I truly believe we have 6 outstanding guys who deserve to be on the track race day. They have proven that they are ready to work and compete at the highest level possible.