Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Most competitive teams are now off on their winter training trips in places like Florida and So Cal, however we are still battling it out here in the midwest. Everyone had been up to their own thing whether it is Ryan battling boredom on the rollers, turner battling the slopes (lucky guy was just in Colorado) or me battling the cold midwest winds day in and day out. The good news is we are all working and working hard.
Tomorrow I will be returning to Bloomington to put the final base miles on my legs, while the rest of the guys will trickle in throughout the week. Once everyone is back we plan on running a mini-camp of sorts to test everyones post winter break fitness and get back to being a team. Everyone is ready to work and be apart of this team. I'm excited especially considering good weather is on the way and how ready everyone is to get starting training as a team again.
To see the high level we need to preform at come April I went and watch some of the nation elite cyclocrossers this weekend at Chicago NYE cross. To say the least it was pretty amazing, theses guys are so good its crazy. So a special thanks to the Rapha-Focus team and Jeremy Powers for coming to Chicago it was so freaking cool/inspiring to watch you guys race. Here are a couple pictures from it.